On Hiatus

Nados, short for Marillionados / Afishionados (Finland) was the second Marillion web site out there, and possibly the first for Fish, who used to sing with Marillion but later went solo. Nados is no longer, but i’d like to write this eulogy for my old labour of love.

When i was in university and had more time than money, i worked days and nights on my humble site. I had a live chat system when web sites were still static text. I published lyrics to a Marillion album before it was out (and received some flak about it from the Marillion management). I had an anagram game where you should guess the title of a Marillion song. I had a for-sale page, though i have no idea if anyone actually bought or sold anything through it. I had some ads from Amazon and was part of a web ring. Oh that frontier of possibility!

Eventually, however, i had less and less time (and enthusiasm) for maintaining the site. One major reason was that Marillion themselves finally created a web site of their own. I say finally even though they were among the first bands in the world to host their own site. Yeah, back then, fan sites were all the rage. First i was insulted. Why couldn’t they co-operate instead of taking over? But their site was good and i felt less need for mine to exist. So slowly, nados faded away.

Now nados.net, the collective for afishionados and marillionados around the globe, is on an extended hiatus. Probably buried forever. I’m not entirely sure if we return, when we return and why we should, but hey, at least you now know as much as we do.

And anyways, those were good times. Editing html with Emacs. Tweaking cgi scripts and .htaccess files with guesswork. Seeing the birth of frames, javascript mouseover effects and css stylesheets, and introducing them to the site. Creating clumsy graphics. “Inventing” anti-aliasing by adding a blur filter to pictures of text and showing them at 50% size. You should be lucky you can’t see my mad designer skillz from back then ;)

Nados lived from the early 1990s (shortly after the advent of the web) until the mid or late 2000s. It had homes on a student’s union server, engine rooms of previous employers, and eventually on a web hotel i paid for myself. I could look up its history on the Internet Archive, and probably one day i will.